A Rainy Morning

Warm fingertips
on cold window pane
watching Raindrops travel
completing their greatest expedition
“You should be happy”
someone said to me.
“Should” is a strong word
for a broken soul But 
the Rain drops keep Falling
keep Searching
Rain doesn’t stop for anyone
—An expression of defiance
Bravery enacted
without heeding reaction
just Falling
until meeting warm earth
and setting out to travel again.


Photo: 2020.04.03

Harrison, New Jersey


knocking at the door again
When I ignore her
she climbs in the window anyways
like a rude neighbor
with no sense of privacy
If I yell at her
she throws my house plants
and breaks my dishes
But today I tried inviting her in
sitting down with a cup of tea
to listen and get to know her
Today I found out
she had been
Bravery all along


Photo: 2019.06.17

A cafe in Shanghai, China

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